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BV90, Doughboy/Lomart 1 Hp. Replacement Spa Motor, 115 Vac. 3450 Rpm. 48Y Frame, CCWPE, Right Handed Threads, Split Phase, No Base, Single Phase


Above Ground Swimming Pool & Spa Pump Motor

Hoffinger Replacement (Doughboy/Lomart) • No Base

STOCK NUMBER: [color=blue]BV90
HP: [color=blue]1
RPM: [color=blue]3450
SPEEDS: [color=blue]1
VOLTS: [color=blue]115
AMPS: [color=blue]10.0
FRAME: [color=blue]48Y
BEARINGS: [color=blue]Ball
ROTATION: [color=blue]CCWPE
CAPACITOR: [color=blue]Split Phase
ENCLOSURE: [color=blue]ODP
BASE: [color=blue]No Base
SHAFT: [color=blue]Threaded Right-Handed
"C" DIMENSION REF: [color=blue]10.45"

H Meets California Energy Commission Appliance Regulations 2008 (Publication Number CEC-400-2006-002-REV1)

1. Total output (HP x service factor) of replacement motor
must equal or exceed motor being replaced.
2. The pool motors on this page are NOT equipped with a
Safety Vacuum Release System (SVRS). SVRS helps
prevent drowning due to body entrapment on underwater
drains. In some pool configurations, if a person’s body
covers the drain, the person can be trapped by suction.
The SVRS turns off the pump if this occurs.!WARNING
Depending on your pool configuration,
a SVRS may be required to meet local, state, and federal

Price: $128.04