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D1040, Fasco 1/5-1/10-1/15 Hp. OEM Replacement for IEC, 208/240 Vac. 925 Rpm. 3-Speed, PSC, Sleeve Bearings, 5.0" Diameter, OPEN, Single Phase

SKU: D1040

[color=blue]OEM Replacement for IEC

For 208V use 7.5M 370V Capacitor and 240V use 6M 370V Capacitor (NOT INCLUDED!)

5.0" Diameter Motor

[b]MODEL:[/b] [color=blue]D1040
[b]TYPE:[/b] [color=blue]PSC
[b]HP:[/b] [color=blue]1/5-1/10-1/15
[b]VOLTS:[/b] [color=blue]208/240
[b]RPM:[/b] [color=blue]925
[b]SPEED:[/b] [color=blue]3
[b]AMPS:[/b] [color=blue]1.6-.8-.5
[b]ROTATION:[/b] [color=blue]CW
[b]BEARINGS:[/b] [color=blue]Sleeve
[b]Shaft Dimension:[/b] [color=blue]1/2" x 8"
[b]”A”Dimension:[/b] [color=blue]4-1/3"
[b]CROSS REF:[/b] [color=blue]5KCP29KK8385S, S89209
[b]NOTE:[/b] [color=blue]Rotation is determined by looking at shaft end. Shaft length is measured from motor face.

Price: $182.00