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ECM27CU, Century ECM V-Green 270 Variable Speed Pool & Spa Motor, 3/4-2.7 Hp. 230 Vac. 3450/600 Rpm. Square Flange, TEFC, Single Phase


• Integrated Timer Interface • Noise Reduction Design • TEFC
• On- and Off-Board Mountable Interface • Adjustable Contrast • Rotation: CCWPE
• Timer Mode • Power Factor Correction • Single Phase
• Manual Mode • Factory Reset • 303 Stainless Steel Shaft
• Freeze Protection • Battery Backup - Program Saver • Class F Insulation
• Auxiliary Load Capacity • LCD Display with Backlight • 50˚C Ambient
• Configurable Prime Settings • Ball Bearing • UV and Rain-Proof Enclosure

STOCK NUMBER: [color=blue]ECM27CU
VOLTS: [color=blue]230
FULL LOAD AMPS: [color=blue]10.5/0.5
RPM: [color=blue]3450-600
SERVICE FACTOR: [color=blue]1.0
FLANGE: [color=blue]C-Face
PHASE: [color=blue]1
THP: [color=blue]3/4 min.~2.7 max.
PERCENT ENERGY SAVINGS*: [color=blue]80%
YEARLY $ SAVINGS**: [color=blue]$1318.05

*Savings over the equivalent single speed motor. Energy savings range of 40% - 80% or more depending on variables including user defined speed settings, duration of operation,environment, and unique hydraulic requirements for satisfactory pool filtration. See the Energy Savings Calculator at to estimate savings potential.

The reasons a V-Green® 270 premium-efficiency replacement motor can offer such impressive savings are numerous including: An integrated timer interface that allows for easier installation and operation of a variable speed motor. The all-in-one design reduces installation time and expense with no additional wiring required. The interface can be installed off-board at the pool owner’s discretion
with kit #2512723-001 (sold separately).
The amount of power required to move the water through the pipes drops much more quickly than the speed. While it may take one horsepower to move the water through the pipes on high speed, it only takes 1/8 horsepower to move one half as much water through those same pipes on low speed. Even when run on low speed twice as long to pump the same amount of water as on high speed, the
lower horsepower results in significant energy savings.

[color=green]V-Green Variable Speed ECM Motor:
Versatility and performance best describe Century’s V-Green® 270 variable speed
pump motor with integrated timer. Capable of delivering superior energy savings
of between 40 percent and 80 percent versus a standard single-speed motor,
V-Green 270 motors are well suited for pump applications ranging from 3/4 - 2.7
total horsepower (THP). The innovative V-Green variable speed ECM offers premium
efficiency boosted by such features as Power Factor Correction, which raises
overall efficiency while reducing input amps! The state-of-art user interface
ensures programming ease and flexibility, with on-screen navigation, ergonomic
selector switch, and pre-set programs for out-of-the box operation. Century’s
V-Green is Title 20** compliant and with three user-defined variable speeds is a
superb choice for reducing energy consumption, for lowering overall pool ownership costs,and for satisfying regulatory requirements.

Note: *savings over the equivalent single-speed motor
**calculated @ $0.23 per Kilowatt hour, pumping same amount of water as a single-speed motor, eight hours per day. See the Energy Savings Calculator at

The pool motors on this page are NOT equipped with a
Safety Vacuum Release System (SVRS). SVRS helps
prevent drowning due to body entrapment on underwater
drains. In some pool configurations, if a person’s body
covers the drain, the person can be trapped by suction.
The SVRS turns off the pump if this occurs. Depending on your pool configuration,
a SVRS may be required to meet local, state, and federal requirements.

Price: $830.25