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K459, Marathon 1 Hp. Brake Motor 230/460 Vac. 1800 Rpm. 56 Frame, Rigid Base, TENV, Inverter Duty, Three Phase

SKU: K459

Brake Motors, Three Phase
Totally Enclosed

In addition to the Single Phase Features above:
Brake has manual wear adjustment up to 25 lb-ft. for longer pad life
Brake leads routed through motor conduit box (TENV only)
Vertical or horizontal mounting up to 15 lb-ft, see mod section for larger brakes
CR200 Corona resistant magnet wire (motor can be operated 10:1 variable torque)

[b]CATALOG NO: [/b] [color=blue]K459
[b]MODEL: [/b][color=blue] 5K49UN4569
[b]HP: [/b] [color=blue]1
[b]VOLTS: [/b] [color=blue]230/460
[b]RPM: [/b] [color=blue]1800
[b]FRAME: [/b][color=blue]56
[b]F.L. AMPS: [/b] [color=blue]3.2/1.6
[b]BEARINGS: [/b] [color=blue]Ball
[b]ENCLOSURE: [/b][color=blue]TENV
[b]ASSEMBLY: [/b][color=blue]F1
[b]MOUNTING BASE: [/b][color=blue]Ridgid
[b]”C”DIMENSION: [/b] [color=blue]15.56"
[b]BRAKE RATING:[/b] 6 ft. lbs.

Price: $860.26