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PR-1/3, Phaz-Pak 1/3 Hp. Solid State Phase Converter 230 Vac. Input, 230 Vac. Three Phase Output

SKU: PR-1/3

Low Cost
Solid State
Easy Installation
Electronically Protected
Small Size

Ideal Applications:
Metal Working
Farm Equipment
Food Processing
Wood Working
Air Compressors

PhazPaks’ New Prepackaged Heavy Duty Solid State “PR” Model Converters opens up a wider range of applications than Standard PhazPak Models. That’s because “R3” Models are designed for use with motor running capacitors. Run capacitors can help your motor operate closer to the rated horsepower of the motor. PhazPak static converters are 100% solid state, no chattering, and no re-generative effects on shut off, no contacts to burn. PhazPaks’ New “R3” Models also provide significantly more starting torque than Standard PhazPak Models. Simply compare feature to feature with any other make static converter and your see why PhazPak Phase Converters are your clear choice.

PhazPak PR Model Converters are designed to work with motors that have medium to moderate starting loads. PhazPak PR Model converters will work well on most motor applications except those that require longer than a three-second start-up time such as a wheel balancer. PR models are also not recommended for motor applications requiring 100% of the motor rated HP continuously. This problem can be solved on many applications by simply reducing the motor pulley size by at least 20 to 30%. Full load and multi motor applications see PhazPak Heavy Duty Rotary Converters. See instructions for cautions and limitations.

Price: $100.06