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R301, Marathon 1/4 HP/.18 KW IEC Metric Motor 230/460 Vac. 1800 Rpm. 63 Frame, B3 Foot Mounted, TEFC, Three Phase

SKU: R301

[b][color=blue]Globetrotter® IEC (Metric) Frame, Three Phase
Totally Enclosed, B3 Mounting, Rigid Base[/b]

[b]CATALOG NO:[/b] [color=blue]R301
[b]MODEL:[/b] [color=blue] 63T17FH5326 ]
[b]HP/KW:[/b] [color=blue]1/4-.18
[b]60 HZ VOLTS:[/b] [color=blue]230/460
[b]50 HZ VOLTS:[/b] [color=blue]200/400
[b]RPM 60/50 HZ:[/b] [color=blue]1800/1500
[b]FRAME:[/b] [color=blue]63
[b]60 HZ F.L. AMPS:[/b] [color=blue]1.0/0.5
[b]BEARINGS:[/b] [color=blue]Ball
[b]ENCLOSURE:[/b] [color=blue]TEFC
[b]MOUNTING BASE:[/b] [color=blue]Ridgid
[b]IEC “L” DIMENSION (MM):[/b] [color=blue]217mm
[b]AMBIENT TEMP:[/b] [color=blue]40
[b]DUTY:[/b] [color=blue]Continous
[b]CT SPEED RANGE:[/b] [color=blue]20:1

Applications: For use on fans, pumps, compressors, conveyors, and other equipment requiring
IEC dimensions and electrical standards. The Globetrotter is not only designed to
International standards but meets NEMA performance and efficiency standards
making it suitable for requirements worldwide.
● Aluminum (63-90 frame) or Cast Iron (180-250 frame) frame construction
● Nameplated 60/50 hertz at same HP/KW
● Max Guard® Class F Insulation, Class B rise @ rated KW
● IP55 weatherproof enclosure
● Rotatable/Removable Base (63/90 frame)
● Wye Start-Delta Run on 160 Frame and larger
● 10:1 Variable Torque, Constant Torque speed range as noted
● Meets EFF2 European, EPAct and NRCan Canadian efficiencies, as noted
● Top Mounted/Oversized gasketed terminal box
●Meets IEEE45, IEC60092 & USCG
● CFR46 Marine Duty (63-90 frame “Below Deck”)
● 1.15 Service Factor on 60 Hz sine wave, 1.0 SF or VFD
● IEC Design “N” with NEMA “B” Torques
●Terminal Blocks, Stud Type, Zero Creepage
● Kits or MOD Central for B3/B5 or B3/B14 mounting
●Meets IEC 34 electrical standards
●Meets IEC 72 dimensions and tolerances
● CE Marked
● 1 Year Warranty

Price: $164.94