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RT-10, Phaz Pak 10 Hp. Rotary Phase Converter, 230 Vac. Single Phase Input, 230 Vac. Three Phase Output

SKU: RT-10

PhazPak Rotary Phase Converter

HP: 10
INPUT VOLTAGE: 230 Vac. Single Phase
OUTPUT VOLTAGE: 230 Vac. Three Phase

Low Cost
Totally enclosed
PhazPak ”I” Model Starting
Easy Installation
Quite Operation
Starter Included *
Oversized Ball Bearings
Heavy Duty

Ideal Applications:

If you have an application where a static type converter just won’t due, then a PhazPak Heavy Duty Rotary Converter may be your answer. If you compare feature for feature with any other make rotary converter we think you will find that a PhazPak Heavy Duty Rotary Converter is clearly your best choice. Most rotary converter companies use open drip type motors simply because they are cheaper to buy. PhazPak realizes that there are many applications where dirt, moister and rodents can do damage to these types of rotary converters. That is why we only use heavy-duty totally enclosed motors. Most other phase converter companies do not provide a starter with their rotary type converters. To us, it would be like you buying a computer that doesn’t come with a monitor. PhazPak provides the starter in our heavy-duty rotary converters. * PhazPak Heavy Duty Rotary Converters are completely pre-wired and ready for installation. Another PhazPak advantage is that we never modify the armature in our rotary converters, which means you get the full performance out of our rotary converters.
Feature for feature you will be glad you purchased a PhazPak Heavy Duty Rotary Converter.

Price: $1,145.48