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STG1302A, Guardian SVRS Pool Motor, 3 Hp. 208-230 Vac. 3450 Rpm. 56J Frame, Rating Full, Threaded Shaft, C-Face, Ball Bearing, ODP, Auto Calibration, Single Phase


Guardian Pool Motors • Single Speed


• Easy to install • Nerve Center (lighting sequence)
• Auto-Reset • 3/4 to 3 HP
• Auto-Calibration • Single-Speed
• Ball Bearing • Single Phase
• Economical • Run/Restart/Rest/Bypass Mode
• 60 HZ • Tamper-Resistant Housing
• Stainless Steel Shaft • Compatible with all flow rates

Century® Guardian® motors comply with requirements for safety vacuum release systems in the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act of 2007. Guardian® motors on this page pass ASME A112.19.17 SVRS standard. Guardian® motors will not prevent evisceration, hair, object or partial limb entrapment and is designed for suction lift applications.


STOCK NUMBER: [color=blue]STG1302A
HP: [color=blue]3
RPM: [color=blue]3450
SPEEDS: [color=blue]1
VOLTS: [color=blue]208-230
MAX. AMPS: [color=blue]14.5/13.8
SERVICE FACTOR: [color=blue]1.15
THP: [color=blue]3.45
FRAME: [color=blue]56J
BEARINGS: [color=blue]Ball
ROTATION: [color=blue]CCW Pump End
ENCLOSURE: [color=blue]ODP
BASE: [color=blue]C-Face Less Base
SHAFT: [color=blue] Threaded Stainless Shaft
RATING: [color=blue]Full
APPROXIMATE “AG” Dimension: [color=blue]14-3/16"

Guardian® Motors Also:
Facilitates no main drain pool designs in place of an equalizer line. Guardian® motors shut off the motor/pump when the water level drops below the skimmer. Reduces pump, motor and seal damage. Shut off the motor/pump if any of the following conditions occur: Dry, blocked or jammed pump conditions; locked rotor, loss of prime, or abnormal voltage variations. Detect clogged or blocked filters and shuts down the pump.

Guardian® SVRS helps prevent body entrapment on drains due to suction only. It does NOT protect against the four other types of entrapment: Hair Entanglement: if long hair is pulled into some drains by the flowing water, it can become knotted or snagged, trapping the swimmer underwater and leading to drowning. Mechanical Entrapment: small items or body parts (e.g.,jewelry, swimsuit , hair decorations, fingers, toes, or knuckles) can be caught in some drains or drain covers, trapping the swimmer underwater and leading to drowning. Limb Entrapment: arms or legs can become trapped in uncovered drains, leading to drowning. Evisceration/Disembowelment: if a person sits on some drains, the suction can pull the lower intestine out of the rectum, causing irreversible damage.

Price: $560.73